"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bullet Post

So here is a bullet post containing a few small, yet news worthy (family memory worthy?), notes...

:: How far does one go to see the Hobbit? 
We left our house at 6am last Monday morning, drove 4 hours to Kampala, Eric, the four oldest kids and a few friends watched the Hobbit on the big screen (while I got my first hair cut in Uganda and went shopping...bliss!), and drove 5 hours home.  It was a long day, but a good memory.  And we had our first taste of the "In your face, chicken place" -- chicken sold on the side of the road.  It was so so yummy.  :)

:: The Bunny
...did not make it... While we were in Kampala, the little boys and Talitha stayed here with a friend.  They had a lot of fun with the bunny...sadly...I don't think the bunny had too much fun.  About the time the little boys came in saying, "We were shaking it and squeezing it but it's not waking up" we knew it's short life was over.  The little boys learned a good lesson on needing to be tender with little creatures and the big kids learned how to forgive and show patience to little boys.

:: Chris
...is still in the hospital.  The wounds on his shoulder and arm got severely infected and are taking a long time to heal.  He's been in the hospital almost 4 weeks now and will likely be there for 2 more weeks.  The good news is that he is sitting up and letting his mom carry him now.  (for the first 3 weeks, he only would lie on his bed), the not as good news is that he still isn't walking.  His feet and legs are swollen from the lack of activity.  His momma is growing weary.  She doesn't have anything to keep her occupied.  She doesn't read and there are no TVs or videos.  So you can pray that she will keep her eyes on the Lord through this trial.

::wild dog adventures
Last night, I woke up at about 12:30 AM and heard the puppies yapping away.  It's not terribly uncommon for them to be yippy at night, so I spent the next hour awake, thinking and praying.  Finally, I decided that the puppies should have stopped by now and something must be wrong.  I got up to inspect and when I realized I needed to go outside to see what they were yapping at, I...like any good wife...ask my dear husband to go outside... :)  We found that a wild dog/puppy had gotten into our compound.  The puppies were yapping at it and it at them, but on they whole they were leaving each other alone, so we went back to bed.  But I never fell back asleep until about 4:30.  The kids woke up and Eric got up and I choose to sleep in.  I came out, bleary eyed at 7 AM and asked if they had seen the puppy.  Immediately, all the kids ran outside to see...dumb idea...the puppy felt trapped and went after William's feet.  William kicked back and then the puppy bit him.  I started yelling for all of the kids to get back inside and while they were coming in, the wild puppy got in too and started trying to bite and nip any person in sight.  The kids were screaming and scared, William was screaming that he was bleeding and we started jumping on the couches and chairs to get out of it's way.  Eric tried to reach to get it and it bit Eric on the thumb quite badly.  (It's a deep cut, but thankfully it's staying together, so it doesn't need stitches)  Finally, most of the kids were able to escape into the hallway and close the door (everyone except Talitha and I) and the puppy, by God's grace, ran back outside.  Pastor Charles was able to catch it and he threw it outside of the compound.  I started tending to Eric and William and cleaning up blood and getting breakfast out.  After 30 minutes the dog had snuck back on our compound.  This time, Eric, Charles and Paul (Charles' son) went out and killed it.  And I came in and started coffee.  All day, I keep thinking...did my day really start with a wild dog in my living room?????  Sigh...

:: Christi
...our new MA from Canada is flying in this Wednesday.  We are super excited to welcome her aboard our team and praying that God will bless her abundantly while she is here with us.


  1. Bullet Response:

    Quite the journey for a movie. :)

    Poor Bunny.

    Praying for Chris.

    Scary Wild Dog Adventure.
    Thankful it wasn't worse.

    Yeah for Christi!

  2. Tuininga family -
    greetings from the Lee family of Calvin OPC, Phoenix. My daughters (8- and 12-years old) are loving reading about your life WITH KIDS serving in Uganda. Thanks for finding time to share your life, and we ARE praying for you!