"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bullet Post Update...

:: After more than a year on the market, our house in Salem finally sold.  We praise the Lord that we are free from this burden now.  With our final physical link to Salem now cut, we have hearts full of thanks for all that He did for us and through us in Salem and all that He continues to do for us and through us here in Uganda.  We don't deserve such grace!  

::The OPCU recently had a meeting of presbytery.  Here is a picture I took of all the guys.  Pray for these men...pray that they will lead with wisdom, love and godliness.  Pray that their personal lives will be filled with righteousness and works fitting of those that have been called by the Holy One.  Pray for the pastors, that their preaching will be effective and powerful.  Pray for the elders, that they will lead with wisdom and grace.  Pray for the deacons, that they will have the resources needed to be generous and loving to the poor members of the church (of which there are many!).

::Valentines Day was sweet and made sweeter by all of these ladies and young ladies.  A tea party, made complete with heart shaped sugar cookies and candy hearts sent by loved ones from America, was in order for the girls, and dinner out with good friends topped the day off for Eric and I.

:: A few years ago, the previous missionaries and renters of this house, elevated the floor of the pantry to make it even with the kitchen floor.  They laid planks of wood down and left a 2 foot gap between the new floor and the cement floor.  A splendid idea!  Then the current missionaries and renters (ahem, that'd be us!) went and spilled 4 trays of eggs on the floor and numerous liters of water (thanks to children filling up pitchers of water at the filter and forgetting to turn off the filter...sigh...).  For weeks we have been living with the smell of a dead animal...not knowing for sure if it was the eggs (the eggs stank for a week and then stopped) or something else.  Finally today, we ripped up the floor and discovered all the nasties under the pantry.  Ugh... but glad to be done the smell...glad to have sweet young men on our compound who are willing to clean it up!!

::Talitha is as cute as ever these days.  Both when she is covered in chocolate pudding...

...or nicely cleaned up...

::Finally, this is what has really been keeping us busy!  These two decided to have the shortest engagement ever.  Ever planned a wedding in less than 15 hours??  We did!  And, all thanks to our heavenly Father, it was a simple and beautiful day...and a lovely example to our friends here...westerners don't always have to throw huge bashes to tie the knot in a God-glorifying way.  I'm sure when they return from their honeymoon, she will post the whole story to her blog ( www.ugandamama.blogspot.com )!

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