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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Puppies

For most of the last year we've had an older dog named Buddy and two puppies, Justice and Grace, patrolling our compound and playing with our kids.  About a month ago, Buddy died an expected death.  Just before that, we realized that we needed to separate Justice and Grace because they never figured out between the two of them who was going to be dominant and they continued to fight it out everyday.  We were afraid that one day one of our kids might accidentally end up in the middle of their sibling rivalry, so we sent Justice to the compound that will soon be occupied by our new teammates and their four boys.  But that just left Grace and she has been very lonely with out other companions of her own kind!

Thankfully, her parent dogs just bred again and we were able to get a new doggy sister for Grace and a new doggy sister for Justice.  The brown one, who will stay here, is named Faith (in keeping with our theme) and the black one, who will join Justice and our new teammates when they arrive, is named Heidi (in keeping with the German theme, I'm told :) 

And Faith is actually Matthew's dog...given to him for his 10th birthday.  He's doing a great job loving on her and taking care of her.

And the doggy seems to be lovin' him right back!

Heidi already does a good job at keeping her ears up!  So sweet!

But of course, Faith's floppy ears still look cute too.

So now we have a couple bundles of hyper cuteness to play with, watch and enjoy.  Lots of fun!

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