"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good News at the Well

Over the past two weeks, two young men have been evangelizing at the well behind Knox Theological College.  They pump water, fill up many yellow jerry cans and tell people the good news of Christ: that though we are sinful people, Christ offers forgiveness and new life.  KTC is located in an area with a high Muslim population.  In fact the Mufti (head Muslim leader for Uganda) owns the Muslim School just across the dirt road from KTC.

The men have written out 4 prayer requests that I share with you now.  Please be in prayer for this time and these people.

They write...

1. Pray for Shakirah-- Muslim lady in her early 20s.  She says she really wants to know the truth.  We've talked to her two times and her response about Christ has changed.  We gave her a Bible and she has been reading it starting with the Gospel of John.  We also asked her to read Galatians after John.

2.  Pray for Shakirah's mom and little sister (Sofia)-- Their response to Christ being the way and the truth was not good.  We laboured to tell them that "Isa" (as the Muslims call Christ) was not only a prophet but God and Son of God.  They said they will give us Shakirah's soul but we will never convert them to Christianity.

3.  Pray for Victor--Victor is protestant but did not know the relationship between Christ and God and the Holy Spirit.  So for two days we have been teaching him and his response was not bad.  He has been asking for prayers for his family especially for him to recover because he lost one of his children a few weeks ago.  We have been praying together with him.  His response is not bad at all.

4.  Pray for Abbi (Abbishak is her full name)-- She did not know anything about Christianity and did not like Islam either.  So she was a pagan.  But she, with her mouth, told us she wanted to receive Christ as her personal Saviour after the previous day when she told us she wanted us to sweat before she gets converted.  She also wanted a Bible which we offered her.  We are trying to locate a good church where we can send her and be sure she will receive sound teaching and good care.  Pray that KTC opens a church soon so that such people can find a place to go that is safe.  Abbi is married and has a child that is 2 years.

Eric has also had some times of evangelism on KTC property recently.

He writes...

Next door to KTC is a muslim primary school. The children came to KTC to use the borehole (water pump). They asked me what KTC was all about. I told them it is a school to train men to preach from the Bible about Jesus. Right away a number of them said "the Bible is bad", and "Jesus is bad." It is so sad that they are being trained to think this way. But I was able to speak to them about hell, and my deserving to be there, and Jesus being my salvation. Some of them seemed to be listening with interest. I also played some fun games with them, while they were on break. Please pray for these children. Education of children is such a powerful spiritual weapon, either for or against Jesus Christ, and here in Uganda Muslims are actively using it to increase their followers (with money from Arab nations, often). If Christians were to set up good-quality free Christian schools, many Muslim parents would send their children. Pray for this to happen in many places!

Also I (Dianna) was able to have a great conversation with an employee of the grocery store that I frequent.  His name is Ali.  The store is owned and operated by Muslims.  Currently the season of Ramadan is finishing.  The store decided to thank Allah for his gifts by giving out food and money to poor Muslims.  As you can imagine...it was busy when I showed up!  I asked Ali if he thought he could earn his Salvation by doing good works.  The conversation quickly turned into asking "On what basis can I ask for forgiveness?"  and "How do I know I'm forgiven?"  I was able to tell him of my sure salvation based on Christ's work on the cross.

So pray for these efforts and these people!  Also pray for the young men...Paul and Stephen...as they go to the well.  Pray that Christ will win the battle and that the night shall end in day!

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  1. Today is Eid al-Fitr for the Muslims in America. My colleague took the day off for it. Praying that these Muslims, and my colleague Zaynab, will start seeking after Christ.