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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hiking Mt Wanale

Today we hiked up Mt Wanale with a large group of friends...I think there were over 20 of us.  In case you are new to this blog, Mt. Wanale is located just outside of Mbale and has an elevation of about 2,300 meters.  We can see it from our yard.  We usually drive up it and once we even camped on the top.  Eric and the kids have have hiked it many times, but I've never been able to go before.  But today Christi, our MA, sweetly offered to watch the little kids so that I could attempt the climb.  The scenery is beautiful and offered a great excuse to stop, look, and catch our breath.

At the top, the kids love to play in the river.

Some of the group bought a Jackfruit from a seller on the way and we split it up on the top.  There was plenty for everyone in our group...

...plus a few extras that were hanging around.

Climbing up was a cardiovascular workout...watching my husband and son do this was my second cardiovascular workout...

The group including friends, neighbors, kids, parents and a few students from KTC...

In case your children ever complain about chores...you can show them this little boy carrying his load up the mountain.

And this is probably the most mildly terrifying part of the hike...the "stick ladder" (approx 40 ft tall)  It is composed of sticks and logs jammed into the crevice and, as Eric began boast half-way down, it's also "securely tied" with banana fibers.  :)

And while we are complaining about the whole situation, up come two women with bundles on their heads, climbing up as if it's no big deal...  Hiking in Uganda is truly an exercise in humiliation...haha!

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  1. Diana, we have to do this climb next time I'm in Mbale! That stick ladder is a piece of work!
    Thanks for posting...beautiful photos!