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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fires in Karamoja

This week we were in Karamoja in order to escape construction for a mission meeting.  (The timing was pretty convenient!)  While we were there, the fields around the station compound were overtaken by a wild fire.  These fires happen yearly, so the mission prepared well by slashing a wide fire break between the fields and the compounds.  But it was still quite something to see the power of fire and wind.

This fire was started by some boys roasting rats.  Martha Wright, who lives and works up there, wrote, "According to our neighbours, yesterday's fires were - as is often the case! - the result of shepherd boys roasting rats out in the bush. These shepherd boys! Controlled fires can serve some purposes but this kind are a hazard. I did hear Nakaale homes didn't suffer any serious damage, though. And LOTS of people were eating rats last night & this morning!"

This picture is taken right outside of the Tricarico's house.  The birds had a feast too as all the little critters were running away.

Here the fire is burning outside of Dave and Sunshine Okkens house...

It wasn't long, however before it moved forward, covered the trees and was burning outside of the Knoxes and Wright's houses.  The Karamajong workers were really kind to work through the heat, smoke and ash to make sure that the fire break held.

Even as we left in the late afternoon and were being pulled across the river (it was still a little too deep for our air intake), the fire was still burning in the brush on the side of the road.

Our drive home was dusty and bumpy, but quite uneventful save for a few cows in the road.

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