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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kampala, Benaiah and more work in the house...

What a busy couple weeks!  We have known for a while now that Benaiah is struggling with Asthma.  But at the same time, we have been puzzled as to why his oxygen saturation rates can drop so low without him having an asthma attack or even coughing an wheezing.  He was born with a hole in his heart and had had numerous tests in America before we moved to make sure that it wouldn't cause a problem.  Even so, we thought we had better get it rechecked.

So last week Benaiah and I took the bus to Kampala for a night to the Uganda Heart Institution.

We stayed at a guest house right near the hospital.  It had a double bed in it.  Benaiah was so excited to share a bed for a night.  I was tired, so I went to bed the same time he did.  When we were all snuggled in he said, "Oh good mommy, now we can snuggle like I'm the husband and you're the wife."  Heehee... I said, "Sometimes Daddy and I hold hands when we fall asleep, would you like to hold my hand?"  He grabbed my hand and then said, "like this mommy, am I doing a good job?"  Then he promptly went to sleep.  I thought it was sweet until the middle of the night when he decided to take over the whole bed...

We had to be at the hospital VERY early (6:30 am!!) in order to get in line to see the doctor we wanted.  By 8 am, there were more than 100 people waiting!  We didn't get seen until about 10 am.  Lots of waiting.  Then Benaiah had an EKG and ECHO.  Praise the Lord, everything came back as normal!

On the way back, the bus stopped at the road side stand that we affectionately call the In Your Face Chicken Place.  Sooo yummy!

Then, just this week, Benaiah had a chest xray.  Again, the doctor here said that every thing looks normal.  We praise the Lord for this!  But of course, we still don't know why he is doing what he is doing.  But we thank every one for their prayers.  Actually, in the past couple weeks since the construction dust settled down, he has been doing better than he has for a long time.  So we praise the Lord for that, too.  We would appreciate prayers that if there is a problem that we need to know about that God would reveal that to us.  In the mean time, please pray for peace to reign in our hearts and for as good of health as possible for Benaiah.

And today the next phase of construction is taking place: putting texture on the ceilings.  Then after that we can begin to repaint and hopefully make our house a little more cozy and organized again.

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