"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

The Area and The Work

Mbale is located in Eastern Uganda...about 150 miles from Kampala, up and around Lake Victoria towards the Kenyan border.  It has a population of about 92,000 souls.
Downtown Mbale with Mt. Wanale in the back

Downtown Mbale

Taken from the top of Mt. Wanale, overlooking Mbale

Knox Theological is located just outside of Mbale.  Its purpose is to train men to be preachers of the Word of God.  Currently, there are about 25 students enrolled, mostly pastors from local villages who have never received theological training, but are very eager to do so.
Library and Classroom

KTC campus
Students of KTC and some of the village pastors attending a conference on preaching
Clean drinking water for local residents provided by KTC
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Uganda is compromised of one church in Mbale (New Life Orthodox Presbyterian Church) and several village churches.

New Life Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Mbale, currently meeting at our compound

A few of the OPUM village churches.  They vary in sizes and in how far along their buildings are, but we praise the Lord that they don't vary in the gospel that they preach!


  1. Thank you for the pics. Our church has been praying for your family. We were there about 6 years ago. So many of my memories are still fresh. Steve was there last August.

  2. Our Sunday School kids read your letters and are praying for your family. These are wonderful pictures and captions! God bless your family in Mbale.
    Bettyann Henderson of Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Newberg, Oregon

  3. We at Providence Church Temecula CA pray for you at our Tuesday Titus 2 Women's Group. We appreciate your blog and the updates so we can more specifically pray for your ministry. May God bless your efforts for the advancement of His Kingdom.

  4. Thanks for the work of ministry you are doing in my country uganda and its my prayer that God provides you with all the necessary resources you need to accomplish what God has began in your life in this country, i personally i am blessed to attend classes at KTC Mbale to help me improve the way i do ministry in church, i always aim to give the best in ministry and this training is really preparing me for that.


  5. I thank God and give all praise to him for the work that you all are doing there in Mbale. I also thank you for your hospitality that you showed to me while I bugged you all. My family and my church hold you up to our heavenly father in prayer and thank God for you faith in Him. I was so encouraged to see how the gospel was being spread in this town from the book room, seminary, church, and the compound were hundreds of small feet run it is all so amazing to see the Lord work. Amen. Stay steadfast in faith and run the race to the finish. God bless you all.

    Micah Bartsch