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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our hilarious run-in with the Oregon State Patrol...

So today I was driving to Portland with the kids and a friend.  We were half-way there when the kids said, "Hey Mom!!  There's a police behind you with his lights and siren on!!"


I pulled to the side of the busy highway and waited.  The patrol officer came to the window and we had the following conversation...

Officer-lady: "ma'am...who are you driving for?"

Me (feeling a bit confused): "ummm...myself?"

Officer-lady (looking at the kids in the back of the car): "Are these all yours?"

Me (surprised, because I usually only get that question in the grocery store): "um, yes..."

Officer-lady (clearly surprised): "How many do you have??"

Me (finding it hard to believe that I am seriously having this conversation with the police on the side of I-5): "Eight"

Officer lady: "Well, we are patrolling for illegally driven buses with children, since it's spring break time and all and well I saw you and I pulled up your tag and it said private, but I just wasn't sure... I'm really sorry.  Can I just take a quick look at your licence and then you are free to go."

Oh, yes...

Just call us the Tuininga Family...

Blowing the minds of liberal Oregonians...

One van full at a time...


  1. LOL! Wow! Now that's an interesting encounter. LOVE the last sentence.

  2. Bwahahahahahaha! Only you Dianna, only you.

  3. ..."illegally driven buses with children, since it's spring break time"... What does that mean??? Sounds scary to me.


  4. Wow...that is really weird and funny!

  5. Hilarious indeed!! I think that's great!!

  6. I don't get what's so hysterical about this, honestly. Now they can pull anyone over just to see who's in the vehicle? This isn't the America I've heard about...