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Friday, August 3, 2012

Plant life in our yard...

Today I went around the yard and took pictures of everything that is in bloom right now.  Yes, our yard is this beautiful.  I am no botanist so feel free to identify any of these in the comment section. (infact, I'll even number them for you!) :)  I'm also on the search for a good website to use to identify plants with if you have any recommendations.  I'm having the kids do nature drawings this year as part of their school (they love it!) and would love to be able to look up some the the stuff they are drawing.


These trees are everywhere here.  They are beautiful, but apparently if the nectar gets in your eyes it can cause serious injury and some say blindness.  

Here is a detail of the flower.


Here are some pictures of the trellis outback that we danced under...

Here is a detail of the flowers that grow on it...

And this is Jack Fruit...the tree is laden with these watermelon size fruits.  They aren't quite ripe yet.

Isn't the pattern on them amazing?




And this plant intrigues me...it grows everywhere... It is so unique!


  1. What a paradise you have! So beautiful and so well established. Here are the few I know.

    #1 is an Impatient plant.
    #2 looks like it is related to the Oleander (I have never seen a yellow one) which is poisionous and does cause blurry vision if you eat the flower or nectar, supposedly super harmful to little ones.
    #5 is lantana and is a beautiful heat and drought tolerant plant.

    Ok so I don't know much, but I hope it helps you get started with your research. I am very anxious to learn what the others are, especially #8 as it looks like it could be related to an Orchid. Have fun identifying! Love Ya -Teresa