"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How many times do Tuininga adventures begin with...

"don't worry, Dianna, I've studied the map on Google Earth and I think there is only one section of the road that you won't really like...

....the rest will be great..."

And with this, my husband managed to convince me to take the family on a day trip up Mt. Wanale.

This is Mt. Wanale as seen from Mbale.  On the top right side are some radio towers and that was where the aforementioned road ended.  So that was our mission.

 The road up was not as terrifying as I had thought it would be by Eric's description.  Mind you, it wasn't really paved either like we thought.  In all fairness, once upon a time it had been paved and we could almost always see bits and pieces of tarmac, but I wouldn't have gone so far as to call it paved.

But the scenery was lush, green and streaked with waterfalls.

Alas, we made it!  And as soon as we arrived to this field that looked just right for a picnic, we looked out the back window and noticed a crowd of kids descending upon us.  The group also brought a sweet lady, Silvia, who was carrying her baby and as is often the case, she offered to show us around.  We let her and it was fun. 

She took us over the hill behind the towers and showed us all the fields.

They were full of beans, maize, peas, onions and coffee beans:

Suddenly we came around the corner and much to our surprise was another mazungu who was getting ready to parachute off the cliff.  When we walked up, I think we surprised him, as much as he surprised us.

He had quite the crowd gathered to watch. 

After a bit, he jumped...

He jumped over the valley that holds our new little corner of the world and a our hearts... Mbale.

After he was no longer in sight...the crowd turned their attention to the only other Mazungus up on the hill....us!  After a few minutes, we decided to leave and so the crowd followed.

We went up the path back to our truck... Rebecca...standing out because of her red-hair, handled all the kids swatting her braids quite well and was very confident in charging ahead in the crowd.

Then we jumped in the back of the truck and drove off...a hoard of kids running behind to wave good bye.

For lunch we found a "quiet" stream to eat by.  Within 5 minutes we had about 20 people standing around watching us.  Finally an older man came up to us and greeted us.  He was very happy to meet us.  He said, "You and I are the same.  Under both of our skin is blood, bones and meat.  Our people used to eat other people, but now we don't, because we know we are the same."  True that...

And then we happily shared our food and continued on our journey home... ;) 


  1. I am really enjoying all of your pictures! I would love to come visit and see all you do firsthand. Maybe that is what the Lord would have us do sometime in the future. We pray for you all and so glad that you got there safely with all your belongings.
    In Christ,
    Jessica Fincham

  2. Loved reading this! And the pictures are unbelievable...you and Eric are such an inspiration to me as you entrust yourselves to the Lord during this adventure!! Thank you for your Godly example.

  3. Hmmm
    "How many times do Tuininga adventures begin with [maps and driving trips]..."
    Indeed!! I saw that and started thinking about some of them... Well I didn't think there was much snow or ice there... so maybe quick sand? are there speed limits? or was it tree stumps... I am both glad and worried that you have an off road car now. :) Maybe you need the car seats and seat belts more because of maps...

    Love you!


  4. Love this! What a trip and what a life. I love reading of your adventures!