"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Friday, November 30, 2012

DPP #1

It's that time of year again!!  December Photo Project (or DPP for short!) is here!  It's simple...take a picture every day for the first 25 days of December and post it to your blog, facebook, or flicker site!  Want to sign up?  Visit The View from the Praire Box to get all the details!

I hope to use these days to give you a glimps into our everyday life here.  For the first couple days of December we will be on a road trip up north to Karamojo to visit the rest of our team.  So I'm posting Day 1 early and I'll catch up when we get back home!

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