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Monday, December 3, 2012

DPP #2--the drive to Karamoja

This past weekend we drove up to Karamoja to spend the weekend with our team.  For much of the year, this drive is difficult due to rain and poor road conditions (a.k.a...deep, muddy, truck-eating potholes).  But we are now heading into the dry season, so our drive this weekend just consisted of deep, dry, potholes and lots of dust.  And as Rebecca said, an hour or two into the drive, "We're bouncing like peas in a frying pan back here!!"
But the drive was beautiful..."Lion King" country.  There actually aren't any lions, giraffes or elephants in this area (although with the terrain, you half expect it), but we didn't see any cheetahs, cobras or black mambas that are here, much to my relief the kid's disappointment.

Most of the road was dry and bumpy, except for this one river crossing.  As you can see, there is a bridge here.  Rumor has it that the men dig out the far side of the road so that they can make some money helping drivers across, though.  Quite a creative, money making endeavor, actually...

During rainy season, this area can be difficult to cross.  Team mates of ours have gotten stuck and had their truck cab fill up with water and others have crossed when water is flowing over the top of the hood of their truck.  But it wasn't that bad for us...kinda fun...(especially for me, standing on dry land taking pictures... :)  and by the time we drove home, the government had semi-repaired it so we could drive on dry land.

Little H has been hanging out with our family for a few weeks, while her mommy is in America visiting her family and working out visa stuff.  She and William enjoyed bouncing around together in the back seat.

Karamoja is known for their cattle (and cattle raiding).  The horns on this guy...ahem, walking towards my window... were impressive.

And Talitha's ability to sleep through all the potholes equally impressed us.
Yay! for a successful first drive up north!

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  1. your pictures bring back vivid memories of my childhood in nigeria!