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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December Photo Project: Day 14

Today was an adventure.  We had 3 objectives: get passport photos/applications turned in, get lunch, and find a "Christmas tree"...and all of this was to take place in one of the least populated counties east of the Mississippi...Hyde County North Carolina.  We were successful on all three counts and had a great time together while we were at it!

Waiting for everything to be done at the post office.

After the passports were finished, we went out to the water where all the fishermen dock their boats and bring their fish, crabs, and shrimp.

Then we went to find our Charlie Brown tree.

The kids started laughing about how un-populated the road was, so we opted for a a few pictures in the middle.

This guy cracks me up...

Since most of Hyde County is in a flood plain, a lot of the houses are built up like this!

We found a cute little diner, run by an older couple to eat lunch at.  We were obviously outsiders, but some good southern hospitality and some super yummy sea-food made for a great lunch in this little neck of the woods.

What a great day!  Pictures of our tree will come tomorrow!

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  1. Great shots! You are "made" for this December project". Our blessing is receiving your posts...