"to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faithin me." Acts 26:18

Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Photo Project: Day 3

Today Talitha and I ran in a local race.  For Talitha, it was her first time ever.  They had a special small race just for kids ages 6 and under.  It's hard to believe she's the only one left in that category. It's a rare occurrence when we only have one child qualify to do something! And it can be very nerve racking for little ones that grow up in large families to do something new without the support of their many siblings.  Talitha was very brave today, but as you can see we stuck together until she took off running. :-)

In addition to running, she also learned the truth about Santa for the first time...

...more specifically, she learned about Santa for the first time.

It always makes me laugh when the younger ones have somehow missed major messages about life. 

It always makes me laugh when I realize one of my littles has missed a major message about life. 

Today, Talitha (age 5) learned, not just the truth about Santa, but actually about Santa. 

Yup. He came up to her and asked her what she wanted him to bring her this year. 


After he left I said (assuming she had been excited but too shy to talk),

"Talitha who was that?" T: "I don't know, who was it mama?" 
Me: "It was Santa"
T: Blank stare
Me (beginning to realize): "Do you know who Santa is?"
T: "No, who is he?"
(Enter one of many moments that we've had since returning to America that I'm sure if people are overhearing our conversation they might think we are crazy)
On the way home we had great fun filling her in on all the details about Santa, Rudolph, Flying sleighs, chimneys, etc..
At home I said: "Talitha tell everyone who you saw today"
Talitha very excitedly yelled: "Rudolph!!"

haha...still working out the details here...

PC--Rebecca Tuininga

I placed third in my age group! yay!  That was a fun surprise!
PC--Rebecca Tuininga
 It's been such a fun blessing to be able to do some road races in America.  I really love running and have had to learn to set my own goals in Uganda where races are few and far between and even then, have their own unique flavoring to them.  So, these days are great fun and quite rejuvenating.  

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  1. Organization. Timeliness. Order. To be seen , I think, as blessings God has bestowed on this particular country (reference your comments about road races in America). Enjoy!